Ethics and Resolutions Sub-Committee

The goal of our Ethics and Resolutions Sub-Committee is to receive and adjudicate matters of dispute between Chamber of Commerce Real Estate Division (RED) member agents and brokers and, on occasion, complaints from a member of the public against an agent or broker member of our division. Our aim is to resolve matters in an equitable and fair manner and to educate on fair and ethical practices expected from our members with their interaction in real estate transactions.

It is important to note that our Sub-Committee cannot adjudicate matters unless the complaint is by or against a member of our division.  There is no legal requirement for a broker or agent to join the Real Estate Division of the Chamber of Commerce or adhere to our established and controlled guidelines or code of conduct. The Real Estate industry is not controlled under an Association (such as lawyers under the Bar Association). Rather our division is governed by legislation with oversight by The Superintendent of Real Estate. 

Should wish to submit a compliant or grievance about an agent or brokerage, please email either the Sub-Committee Chair Beth Gosling or the Chamber of Commerce or the current Real Estate Division Chairs Penny MacIntyre or Marlene Bicchieri for further assistance.

If a complaint is from a member of the public or a member of our division against a non-member agent or broker, we recommend that the matter be brought to the attention of The Superintendent of Real Estate, Mr. Kenneth Joaquin with Ms. Gladwina O’Mara copied.  Their email addresses are: and